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Chiozo is a musician who was born and bred in Zambia. He also grew up in Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and ended up in Denmark where he did part of his high school. He is a songwriter and guitarist whose music is influenced by artists such as The Blues, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Bob Marley. At 18, Chiozo he left school for music and relocated to the UK, London where he began playing music in the streets. He came back to Denmark after learning the basics of reggae music and its roots from Jamaicans living in London. This prompted him to form a reggae trio called Isciple. The band band broke up and he joined Bushbeater. Bushbeater disbanded on the eve of signing to independent label Sundance Records. He didn't give up. Shortly afterwards, he formed another band, The Good Reason, but moved back to London to concentrate on songwriting and solo recordings. To date, he has songs can be compiled into 13 albums. Some of the songs he has released include 'Toys', 'Top It Up', 'Adam and Eve', 'Places We Can Go' and many others. Apart from music, he is a humanitarian activist who has made plans to walk 18 000 km from Cape Town to Cairo in protest for clean water.